fruits for christmas cake

10 tips to consider when baking last minute Christmas cake

If you were busy with your work or with your preparations for the Christmas, and you did not find the time to bake a typical Christmas cake, then there is nothing to worry about. With a few tips, you can save your time, and can also come up with a nice Christmas cake to surprise your kids or friends.

Keep the fruits ready

fruits for christmas cakeIf you already know that you will not be able to give too much time for baking your Christmas cake, then you can prepare the fruits in advance, by soaking them in rum.

Use a trick to prepare fruits

If you are not prepared with the fruits in advance, then you can simply heat up the fruits in whisky, then leave it to soak overnight prior to adding it your Christmas cake.

Decide whether to use margarine or butter

margarine or butter for christmas cake

When confused between these two, do not waste time. Simply go for spreadable salted butter that is light and gives a buttery flavor as well.

Choose quick recipes

There are recipes of fruit cakes, which take half the time of standard Christmas cake. Search online finds a quick recipe for baking your last minute Christmas cake.

Get brown color

When you have not prepared your cake in advance, you can put raw-cane brown sugar instead of normal sugar to get the dark color of your quick Christmas cake.

Use quick decoration ideas

Instead of getting deep into difficult design and decoration ideas, go for the quick ones. Use royal icing and sprinkle some glitter on top of it to make your cake look sparkling.

Use glace fruits

This is another idea to make your cake look good. Using glaze fruits is easy and equally fascinating. You can simply line up glazed nuts and fruits to give a nice look.

Use jelly sweets

One can also use jelly sweets for decorating the Christmas cake and can finish off the look by adding a jam glaze or just brush the jelly sweets to make them look even shinier.

When you did not get them at all

Those, who had missed their chance of baking a Christmas cake can use a shop-bought cake, but skewer the top of the cake and feed orange juice or brandy weeks before you plan to serve it to your guests. This will add more flavor to the cake.

Buying chocolate cake is another alternative for a traditional Christmas cake. Just decorate it with a plastic ribbon and some gold leaves to add glamour to your ready-made cake.