Easy to make butterfly chirstmas cake decoration

Those, who are in search of a simple way of decorating a Christmas cake can try this one. Very easy to execute butterfly cake decoration. This video shows how one can make a beautiful looking butterfly with gum paste. Mercedes Strachwsky, explains how you can use the gum paste dough and then roll it out to make cut outs with the help of a cutter. The gum paste can be easily modeled to make the shape of the butterfly and one can use different colors with the dough to attain a nice look. Simple tools like a toothpick can be used for making the eyes, and the rest is done with colored dough of gum paste only.

This cake decoration idea leaves a huge scope for experiment, as you can try different colors to achieve different designs. You can easily use your hands, small tools for bringing out the shape of the butterfly with gum paste dough, starting from the wings to the antennae. One can use various colored dough for making varied designs, and then the butterfly is ready to go on the top of your Christmas cake. The same idea can be used for making many other pretty shapes for the Christmas cake.

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